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Monitor All 19 Amazon Marketplaces
With the touch of a button, you can now instantly monitor your books' rating change in 19 Amazon marketplaces worldwide. You'll never have to worry about an undetected bad rating or a translation error again—freeing up valuable time to write more books! Just supply your books' ISBNs and let BookSentry take care of the rest.
Monitor All 19 Amazon Marketplaces
Monitor Other Major Online Stores
Do you publish widely? Me too. Keeping track of your books' ratings across all of the stores can quickly get overwhelming. BookSentry covers the major online book stores including Goodreads, Google Play, Apple, Scribd, and Barnes & Noble—so you can get a global perspective of how your book is doing.
Monitor Other Major Online Stores
On Time Notification
Know your rating before your readers do. BookSentry will keep track of your book's rating and send you a notification every time the rating changes. That way, you can always be on top of your game and take necessary actions to maintain or improve your rating.
On Time Notification

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